Thinking of retiring and need to understand your options and income? This is possibly the most important financial decision you can make as you navigate life and will create the most amount of questions.
  • How much Income do I need in retirement?
  • How much income will I have in retirement?
  • Am I eligible for any government assistance?
  • Will I still have to pay tax in retirement?
  • Am I eligible for any health card concessions?
  • Who will help with these complex Centrelink forms and processes?
AdviceWest are able to assist you with all your retirement questions and provide answers when you need them ensuring you have a smooth transition into the retirement you have dreamed about.

Wills and Power of Attorney

Ever heard the saying ‘Death and taxes are the only two certainties in life’? Planning for what happens when you are going is a critical part of a sound financial plan.
  • Who do I want to leave my estate to?
  • How will it affect their financial situation?
  • Will they have to pay tax on any inheritances?
  • What happens if I suffer a medical event and can no longer manage my affairs?
  • Who will look after my affairs if I’m unable to?
Such critical questions that most people avoid contemplating. But are these questions that need answers, action and plans set up to ensure a smooth transition of any assets.

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